One of my all time favorite apps is Paprika!
Paprika is a place to keep digital files of your recipes for iOS, Android & Mac users. Matt shared this wonderful app with me and it’s probably one of my most used apps. It has all my delicious meals I make during the week.

Some awesome features include, wireless syncing with multiple devices, keeping your shopping list, able to scale ingredients, timers, and a calendar for meal planning. This app makes it so easy for people on the go. I can pick and schedule what meals we are having, what days and sync my device. Since Matt and I share the same account when he syncs his app he will see all the meals that I have planned for the week.

Also, when you pick a recipe that you want to make for the day, there’s a button you can press to input all the ingredients from that recipe and put in your shopping list, which I can also sync and Matt can see. This is especially helpful if I forgot to pick up something and I can have him pick it up.

Honestly, for me, this app makes meal planning, purchasing groceries, and cooking so easy.