I honestly have no idea how it happened, but I absolutely love pandas! I think they are so cute and adorable and I collect a lot of panda related items. It has gotten so bad to the point that Matt doesn’t allow me to get any more panda things. It’s so sad
:(. BUT! That does not stop me from looking at super cute panda things that I NEED! Yup! It’s a necessity and I need them in my life. Like my current find.

A panda cookie cutter! Tell me this isn’t super cute! (Wait, tell me that and I’ll cry. I won’t really cry) I honestly don’t make or eat a lot of cookies, but I think if I got this I would definitely make more cookies. There’s people who love cookies and will eat them. I’ll find them!
Along with this I found about 30+ more panda related things that I put in my Amazon wish list. You know, for safe keeping for whenever I want to sneak a new panda thing in the house without Matt noticing. 😀
Is there something you collect or obsessed with? Let me know!

<3 Jenn