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Got a secret?

Can you keep it? Ugh. So after a customer told me that I look like Mona from Pretty Little Liars...


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Coffee wallets!

Have you seen Matt’s blog where he made these super sweet coffee wallets out of used coffee...



Power Anthem

I have no idea what it is about this song, but it’s currently my power anthem. I defiantly...

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Poll time!

I really want a pair of everyday earrings but I honestly can’t decide. I have asked for some...

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The worst

Matt is literally the worst at taking pictures at times. Sometimes I feel super cute or think I...

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Bed of fire

Since it has been cold outside I have spent many days under my wonderful heated blanket. This has...

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Bento box

Tonight I prepared my lunch for tomorrow in two of my favorite bento boxes. Bento boxes are...

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One of my good friends ask Matt and I to be Godparents to her child. Tonight Matt and I had our...

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